The Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency is the federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) for most of the state of Mississippi. Additionally, MORA works in cooperation with the Mississippi Lions Eye Bank to provide tissue recovery services.

MORA is one of 58 organ procurement organizations nationally. The federal government requires hospitals to have policies and procedures in place to insure that each family is given the opportunity to donate organs and tissue upon the death of a loved one. MORA works with the local hospitals in our designated service area to ensure that families receive the option of organ and tissue donation.

It is only after the death of a loved one that MORA becomes involved. After a physician has determined a patient is brain dead, MORA is called in to talk to the family, offer the option of donation and answer any questions. If the family consents to donation, MORA then coordinates the recovery of the human organs for transplantation. A MORA staff member stays at the hospital, manages the donor and makes phone calls to transplant centers to place the organs with matching recipients. MORA staff members are on call 24-hours a day in order to respond to the needs of hospitals at any time.

In addition, the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency is the educational source for organ and tissue donor information throughout our state. MORA promotes donor awareness in many ways – at medical conventions, civic meetings, community events, health fairs, schools and churches. Our agency provides brochures and information on donation free of charge to anyone who makes a request.

MORA also works with hospitals within our service area to meet federal guidelines. MORA provides death records to help each hospital stay in compliance with governmental regulations and to help them in improving performance standards.


The Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency couldn’t operate without our wonderful staff across our four different offices around the state in Flowood, Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Tupelo.  For a complete staff directory, please check out our Staff page.


MORA is always looking for qualified personnel who are passionate about promoting the issue of organ donation in Mississippi.  For more information about joining our team, you can head to the Employment section of our website.