Religious Views On Organ Donation
Below, find a link to an excellent resource concerning the individual stances various denominations and religions take on the issue of organ and tissue donation.

National Donor Sabbath

The National Donor Sabbath is an ecumenical celebration of life in which clergy and congregations nationwide emphasize organ and tissue donation, and discuss their faith’s doctrine on donation. National Donor Sabbath is held each year during the second weekend in November. Religious leaders and congregations are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways.

The Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency provides donation information and materials for distribution free of charge. MORA will secure speakers, donor family members and/or transplant recipients, for congregations interested in a personal message on donation and transplantation.

There’s more information about National Donor Sabbath Month at the National Organ Donor website.

Raise Awareness

Are you interested in helping promote awareness of organ donation?  You can help MORA raise awareness by heading to our Raise Awareness section.